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Frédéric on Nothing to say
Very nice picture ! Beautiful and intense look. Congratulations for your work. You have talent. Welcome to my website.

Katalog Stron on What's up?
great picture,exellent compo,bravo

jochem on What's up?
Deze is te erg ! haal eraf:( deze is echt stoned om 1 uur savonds ofzo

JTF on Berg en Dal
Gewoon heel erg mooi...

JTF on Angel
Mijn hemel, weet het niet zo met dit engeltje..ziet er niet zo vredelievend uit..

Alphons on What's up?
Leuk ontspannen portret.

EstherK on What's up?
I like the lighting in this picture. Its a very good portrait, and he's got a nice little smile. :-)

jochem on Sunset #1
weer een foto na een lang tijdje maar hijs wel een van de mooie fotos uit je portfolio(H)

bruno on Sunset #1
very nice colors.

M.Khoda on Sunset #1

M.Khoda on Flower Girls
Girl Flowers !

Nicole on Angel #2
Wow georgeous photo! Nice framing, colors and great that she's lookign just off camera. Really like it.

Ekaputra Tupamahu on Devotion
nice shot... good perspective!

Michael Rawluk on Angel
Not the happiest Angel I have ever seen :-)

eddy on Berg en Dal #2
very beautiful land scape

Eleftheria, 9 years old, on Berg en Dal #2
Nice colors!

chris chisu on Berg en Dal #2
beautiful colors again.

chris chisu on Shadows
This is either original lomo or photoshop lomo.but euther way i always loved this processing. Beautiful.

Porcsin on Berg en Dal #2
As professional as the previous!

Porcsin on Berg en Dal
I like the contrast between the brown and green! The lights and shadows are amazing!

Mustafa on Berg en Dal #2
great view ... it should be a beautiful village

Mustafa on Berg en Dal #2
great view ... it should be a beautiful village

drphoto on Shadows
This is very surreal and dramatic. I like it a lot. Dan

drphoto on Sunset #4
Another beautiful shot - I loved this sunset series. Dan

Elisa on Berg en Dal #2
great composition and colors!

Sujit Sudhi on Berg en Dal #2
Superb. The colours are fantastic. Great capture.

Sandrine on Sunset #4

standley on Berg en Dal #2
Another wonderful one. The colours are superb here!

Graham Russon on Berg en Dal #2
Another amazing shot, love the textures and colour contrasts. Perhaps cropping out some of the sky would give it some ...

Daroru on Berg en Dal #2
Really great vivid colour.

Saeed on Berg en Dal #2
nice shot. i like that green light .... ;)

givethemhell on Berg en Dal #2
Another beautiful rural landscape, Frankie. The bit of green field in the background looks almost unreal.

standley on Berg en Dal
Superb composition. I like the texture and the geometry here!

Daroru on Berg en Dal
Gorgeous European countryside...

Graham Russon on Berg en Dal
Well spotted and well taken. This is a great shot, I love the way the photo is split in two naturally.

Nathan on Berg en Dal
Cool, the picture is segmented in two by the grass and dirt, gives it a feeling of life and change.

Saeed on Shadows
nice shot with great composition

givethemhell on Berg en Dal
What beautiful country side, Frank. Actually your hills look pretty flat to me. I suppose that is typical for the ...

Michael Skorulski on Berg en Dal
So beautiful. The composition, colors and textures are superb. This has to be one of your best.

Mustafa on Shadows
nice colors .... and good bordering

shahab on Shadows
Great work!Great tone!Great composition!!!

Daroru on Shadows
Nicely composed landscape and nice colour treatment again.

standley on Shadows
Very nice composition. I love the colours

Michael Skorulski on Shadows
I like the surreal colors and great composition.

Graham Russon on Shadows
Great composition, the angle of the foreground adds a uniqueness to this landscape, Good shot.

Porcsin on Shadows
This shot is very mystic! I really like these soft colours!

Porcsin on Jochem (sunset #5)
Excellent focus and light! Nice one!

Porcsin on Sunset #4

M.Khoda on Shadows
nice view but not have really color

givethemhell on Shadows
This composition is amazing, the high plateau in the front and those lofty clouds floating in the blue background. ...

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